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We are DFW's premier shop for Jeep and Toyota off-road builds.

Recent Builds

  • JT EcoDiesel

    JT EcoDiesel "Moab2"

    After wheelin at EJS in Moab this year in his "Got Moab" HEMI JK, Tim came back and asked what I thought about building a Gladiator... Of course I was like, hell yea... :) So it began. 
  • White JK2DR

    White JK2DR

    Drew came to us with a vision. He had this little 2DR that he wanted built up to handle anything he was willing do... This 2013 model only had 43,000 miles to it has been a toy, but goal was to make it a BIG toy :).
  • 17 JKU 1ton Swap

    17 JKU 1ton Swap

    This 2017 JKU has been a project over the last couple years. While David has enjoyed wheelin it and it would do just about anything he wanted, he has always wanted a set of 1 ton axles. In this recent stage, it has happened... And this Jeep really stands out from the crowd now.
  • Jeep JLU

    Jeep JLU "Ghostrider"

    This 2018 JLU was towed in after a weekend in Hot Springs. "Ghostrider" had been a fun Jeep for Tim with a small lift and 35" tires. It was a good beginner set up but he started to do more bigger trails so when he broke it the thoughts of upgrades became the plan.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200

    Toyota Land Cruiser 200 "Law Dog"

    This 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series has been an on-going project. Just when we thought we had it where Glenn liked it, he comes up with something else...
  • 85 CJ7

    85 CJ7 "Project Rescue"

    We found this 1985 CJ7 sitting in a garage for the last 10 years and seeing it was a Legacy Jeep, we had to get him. Jeep had been an offroader and the previous owner had started a 1 ton swap but never finished... While we loved the idea of an offroad toy, this Jeep was screaming to be restored.
  • Toyota Tacoma

    Toyota Tacoma "Queso Blanco"

    Queso Blanco is what we call a "Repeat Offender". We have been building up this beautiful TRD Pro Tacoma over the last couple years and let's just say this has turned out to be one of our favorite builds.
  • Toyota 4Runner

    Toyota 4Runner "Runaway"

    Chris came to us with a nice but stock 4Runner. He enjoyed getting away in the mountains but didn't have the rig to do it... That's where we came up with a plan to give his 4Runner the ability to do just that.
  • HEMI Build

    HEMI Build "Got Moab"

    "Got Moab" is a 2007 Jeep JKUR. Tim loved everything about his Jeep except the power... That's where this build started. First up was a new 5.7L HEMI, 545RFE transmission and of course a new Atlas transfer case. But then we both thought...Why stop there!!!