17 JKU 1ton Swap
This 2017 JKU has been a project over the last couple years. While David has enjoyed wheelin it and it would do just about anything he wanted, he has always wanted a set of 1 ton axles. In this recent stage, it has happened... And this Jeep really stands out from the crowd now.

Listed below are the build details that we have completed over the last couple years.

Fusion 4x4 60/14 bolt 1 ton axles with ARB lockers and 5.13 gears
PowerTank Jet Pack system for lockers
MetalCloak 4.5" game changer lift
TeraFlex Falcon 3.3 shocks
40x13.50x17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires
17" KMC RG Beadlock wheels w/Monster valves
PSC Steering assist
Artec Underbody skid plates
sPOD switch panel
Rockhard 4x4 roll cage
Genright Fenders
Genright Tire Carrier
Genright front and rear bumpers
Poison Spyder corners
Tom Woods Driveshafts
Currie Anti-rocks swaybars



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