We can help you find the right lift for your use!

In the Jeep world today there are a ton of different types of lifts out there. Each one offers a slightly different way to get the job done. The hard part is knowing what changes will affect the overall ride and/or how it will perform. That's where we can help. We understand the different kits and will take the time to understand what you plan on doing with your Jeep so we can get you in the right kit. From your basic spring lift to a complete lift with adjustable control arms, we can find the right kit for any budget. We even can get you set up with a longarm suspension or coilovers if you plan on doing the "Big stuff". Give us a call or stop by.

Toyota Trucks/SUVs
For the Toyota crowd... We understand that it is more about getting away... and most of the time that includes hauling a lot of gear. Lifts for Toyotas are also designed differently and will serve different purposes. From basic level kits to full strut replacement, having the right set up will help you get there in comfort and yet still handle whatever gets in the way.

Lastly, Wheels and Tires...
The wheels are one of the most important parts in making your vehicle "you". We work direct with multiple manufacturers and can help you find the right wheels.
Tires-All-terrain, Mud Terrain, something in between, what size you are looking to go up too. All of these questions again depend on what your goals and plans are with your vehicle. That's why we also try to plan the wheels and tires at the same time as the lift, to get you the right setup.